drinking from a spoon

Today was ‘Support Chick-fil-A day’.  I was unable to participate due to the lack of Chick-fil-A’s in my area.  I might not have gone anyway…probably too crowded, and I support them enough as it is.  🙂  They do have fantastic service and their food isn’t bad either…why wouldn’t I choose them over other fast food options?  This is not the point of my post today…and this line of thought is making me hungry, so I will get on with it.

Over the last week or so I have been intrigued by the storm surrounding Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A.  When I first heard about the statements made by Mr. Cathy I was reading them from a large news network’s website.  The story piqued my interest, but I noticed that the story didn’t actually quote much of what Mr. Cathy said from the original interview (i.e. – no quotation marks).  The story was fairly critical of Mr. Cathy and Chick-fil-A, but again I noticed that the negative comments were all directed toward words that it appeared that Mr. Cathy didn’t actually say.  I spent the next few minutes tracking down the original interview with Mr. Cathy.

What I found was an interview with a man who simply commented on his beliefs and how those beliefs have impacted how he (and his family) have built and continue to run their business.  I did not find any negative comments from Mr. Cathy about differing beliefs/practices/lifestyles.

Today I am wondering how many people from either side of the argument actually took the time in the last week to seek out the original interview with Mr. Cathy to find out what he actually said.  There has been a lot of negative commentary about Mr. Cathy, his beliefs, and his company in the last week.  There has also been a lot of support for Mr. Cathy, his beliefs, and his company.  Either way, it seems we too often get busy drinking from the spoons provided by the media and forget to actually seek out the truth.  Whether you are supporting Mr. Cathy and his statements or you are outraged by his comments, shouldn’t you make sure you are seeking out the truth?  It is no wonder we latch onto the spoons we are being offered…we are thirsty.

Makes me stop and think about how I pursue truth.  I don’t think it is a secret that I believe the Bible to be God’s truth in written form for us.  Do I spend more time drinking from the Bible in search of truth or do I spend more time attempting to quench my thirst for truth with the spoons being offered by religion?

One thing I know, I am thirsty…not settling for a spoon anymore.

How about you?

BTW – If you want to read the interview that started the current storm, here is the link to the Biblical Recorder interview with Dan Cathy…

‘Guilty as charged,’ Dan Cathy says of Chick-fil-A’s stand on faith


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