fuel: wrapping up Love Wins

It has been awhile…I am still unpacking and processing Catalyst as well as reading a fantastic book by David Platt (probably more on that later).  In the meantime, I want to get back to blogging and figured I would start by wrapping up Love Wins by Rob Bell.

I finished reading the book several weeks ago.  Having finished the book, I am not sure I fully understand why there was so much controversy regarding the book prior to its official release date.  I do understand that Rob Bell is an influential man within the Christian community and that some of his thoughts regarding Heaven and Hell do not hold up to the light of scripture.  However, I am not sure he or his book deserve the flogging they have received from other influential personalities within the Christian community.

My last post on this subject was after reading chapters 2 & 3.  The remainder of the book held true to Rob Bell’s style…lots of questioning and few solid answers.  In my opinion, the book does not stay true to scripture regarding the topics of Heaven and Hell.  His treatment of the subjects tends to remove God’s judgement from the picture and leaves us in control of our eternal destination.  Ultimately, according to the book, we will all choose God and we will all spend eternity in Heaven.  Our choice can happen now or even after we have left this Earth, but we will at some point choose God because that is God’s desire.  As I said, God’s judgement which seems clear to me in scripture is removed from the process.

Looking back, Rob Bell does make some thought provoking arguments but he tends to utilize specific passages from scripture to make his points without taking into account the bigger picture of the passage (I often refer to this as ‘Bible Darts’).  In my mind this type of reasoning always causes the red light in my mind to come on signaling that I need to dig into scripture and find the truth.  This is exactly what I see happening not only with me and my small group, but also within the Christian community globally.  As I have read the book I have also been following other blogs and online discussions regarding the subjects of Heaven and Hell.  In the coming months there are at least a couple of books being released regarding these topics.  I believe that God is leading His followers to discern the truth about these topics.

I leave you with this…my prayer for me, you, and all disciples is that we would continually seek the truth.  That we would be passionate about God’s word and hold everything up to its light.


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