“God does not call me into His mission because He needs me; He calls me into His mission because He loves me”

– David Platt @ Catalyst Dallas

Take your time…chew on that for just a moment.

Yes, I am still at Catalyst Dallas. At this moment I am still overwhelmed by the amount of creativity and information we experienced today. There were more than a few moments today in which my soul was ‘rocked’ (thanks for the terminology Mr. Coop). It will take a little time to unpack all of the information from my brain. In the meantime I thought I would share the gem I started with above. Are you done chewing on it yet?

How small and weak have we made the Sovereign Creator of the Universe that we would even begin to think that He needs us to carry out His mission?

The theme for Catalyst this year is ‘Take Courage’. As David Platt began tonight he encouraged us with the thought that courage comes from having a proper view of God. If my view of God is that He needs me in order to accomplish His mission then I have made myself too big and God too small. I have to confess that as we prayed and began to praise our Creator following David Platt’s talk, my soul was aching. It’s no wonder I am not more courageous in my faith, too often I have made God out to be weak and helpless. Why would I courageously follow someone who I see this way? The proper view of God is one that reveals Him to be my Sovereign King who is eternally on the throne. That is a God who I can courageously follow.

Praying tonight that I will have a proper view of God.


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