fuel: ‘Love Wins’ chapters 2 & 3


Getting back to ‘Love Wins’, the somewhat controversial book I am reading from author/pastor Rob Bell.  In chapter one the question that was discussed was, ‘How can someone know they are saved?’  After discussing this very important question, Rob Bell takes on the subjects of Heaven and Hell in two chapters.

Chapter 2 is on Heaven.  Mr. Bell theorizes that Heaven is not just something that we look forward to after we die.  He suggests that Heaven can be something that we begin to experience even while we are here on Earth.  Basically, as we choose to follow Jesus Christ and live a Godly life we can begin to experience the kingdom of God here and now.  Our decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ means that we enter His kingdom now and continue to be a part of it after this life as we continue to choose Him as our Savior.

Chapter 3 is on Hell.  The theory here is similar to his theory on Heaven from the previous chapter.  Hell begins here on Earth as we choose to sin.  Mr. Bell suggests that we have all seen this sort of scenario.  People here on Earth living in a kind of ‘hell’ because of the choices they have made in their life.  The more someone chooses against God, the worse their ‘hell’ gets.  So, just like Heaven, Hell begins here and continues as long as one continues to reject God.  The implication coming out of this chapter is that there is always opportunity to accept Christ and move from Hell to Heaven (more on this when we get to chapter 4).

What do you believe about Heaven and Hell?  Chances are we have all had moments where we thought we had ‘Heaven on Earth’ as well as moments when we thought we were in Hell.  Can we begin to experience Heaven here before we die or is it just something to look forward to when we leave this world behind?  What about Hell?

The book leaves you wanting answers at the end of chapter 3.  As for me, I do think there are moments in this life when we experience God (maybe Heaven) in a very tangible way.  Likewise, when we make sinful choices we endure the consequences and that can often seem like ‘Hell on Earth’.  In that sense, Mr. Bell doesn’t seem too far off with his theories.  However, the path that he seems to be leading us down in the book does seem to be moving away from my source of light.

Praying that me and my small group will continue to seek truth as we break down and discuss this book.  Praising God for the light of His Word.

See you next time…


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