I am currently taking a class that requires me to blog as part of my grade.  I am a few posts behind and am trying to get caught up.  To that end, I am going to post a couple of extras this week along with follow ups on the Rob Bell book.  I will get back to the Rob Bell book in my next post.  Thanks for checking in…

Have you ever been in one of those moments where time seems to stop moving…all of your attention is devoted to the moment and nothing else matters?

One of my favorite television shows of late is ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  Michele and I discovered it a while back and felt an instant connection with the characters.  Has that ever happened to you?  When I type it out it looks strange…a ‘connection’ with television sitcom characters?  I think it is possible.  To some extent I assume that this ‘connection’ is what makes shows popular.  Anyway, the group of five friends on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ have become part of our nightly DVR/DVD routine (just finished season 2).  The storyline of the show is simply one of these five friends telling his kids (in the year 2030) about his life with these 4 friends and how it all led up to him meeting their mother/his wife.  In the process we get glimpses of the five friends spending time together in present day New York.  The subject matter is typical sitcom relationship stuff.  Most of the time the episodes are lighthearted and funny.  However, every once in a while something happens in their life together that isn’t funny.  One of them is involved in a car accident, loses their job and is in financial dire straights, has a relationship fall apart, gets left at the altar, or some other major setback.  In those moments we get a glimpse of why I think I have developed the connection to the show.  You see, in those difficult and somewhat tragic moments the friends drop everything (their busyness, the masks that they wear on a daily basis, Everything) and rush to the side of their friend who is in need.

There is a part of me that sees this as what true friendship looks like.

I have my circle of friends that includes individuals locally as well as nationwide.  These are the people that I am in contact with on a regular basis either by seeing and doing things with them weekly or chatting with them via text/facebook/twitter (no, I don’t use the phone anymore).  Most of the time the moments of our lives are not of the tragic/difficult variety.  However, every once in a while something happens that is more serious.  In those moments, time seems to stop and the only thing that matters is helping a friend any way we can.  I have been on both sides of that scenario and am thankful either way for friendship.  You see, it is a blessing to have friends to help you through those moments.  It is also a blessing to be a friend and help someone else through a tragedy in their life.  True friendship involves both.  I am thankful for my friends.  The reality is that friends like these become more…they are family.

May God bless you with true friendship, and a growing relationship with the truest friend…our Savior Jesus Christ.  Happy Easter!


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