focus (cont’d)

I found this video (also from Northpoint Media…check them out, they are awesome!) and it really fits with my thinking right now.  In my first post on ‘focus’ I wrote about how the Spirit enables us to have a Godly focus of the world and how we have to choose to see the world with this focus rather than our own focus.  This video speaks to how I think most of us live.  There are so many distractions that draw our attention.  We shift our focus away from God and onto whatever demands attention in the present moment.

I think you probably know what I mean.  The alarm clock sounds and moments later the distractions begin.  For me…I need to get dressed, get the kids fed, make sure they have all their stuff for school, and get them to school.  Next, I start running errands (ok, I stop for coffee first 🙂 ), getting household chores done, etc.  None of these things are wrong or unnecessary, but too often I direct all of my attention on the things I am doing and forget that God is behind it all.  Honestly, there are times when Sunday morning arrives and I realize that a week has gone by and my focus all week has been lacking.

This is something that I still need to work on.  I have found that spending regular time reading/studying God’s word is a good place to start.  Another thing that helps me is being part of a small group of fellow believers in Christ.

How about you?  What things help you maintain your focus on God?  Take a moment and give it some thought and share with us…we can learn from and encourage each other.  Thanks!


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