How is your focus?

How clearly are you seeing your world?

Eyesight is something that I have been able to take for granted my entire life…not that I should have been doing this, but to this point in my life I have enjoyed what most people would consider perfect vision. That is, until recently.

About six months ago I began to notice that my eyes often felt tired and occasionally it took a noticeable second for my vision to focus on an object. I didn’t think much of it. After all, I had been reading more and spending more time on the computer so my eyes were probably just a little stressed and I needed to get more rest.

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided I should go to the doctor to get my eyes checked. The doctor confirmed the fact that I still have very good vision, but she also found that I have astigmatism. Basically, the shape of my eyes is such that light doesn’t focus at the right point within my eyes. The suggestion…glasses for reading, driving at night, and perhaps to wear all the time if I enjoy the improved focus.

I just got the glasses this week. As I am trying them out I find myself reflecting on a bigger picture. You see, I am discovering that I have been seeing my world slightly out of focus for probably quite some time. I just didn’t notice. If you had asked me I would have told you that my focus was perfect. My new lenses have changed my world. Without them my vision is good, but I now notice the slight fuzziness around objects…my focus is not perfect without them.

From a faith perspective, how is my focus? When we choose to follow Christ the Holy Spirit enables us to see the world from a new perspective…with a Godly focus. The question I have to ask myself is, am I choosing to view the world with this Godly focus? Am I noticing when my spiritual focus is a little fuzzy? In those moments do I choose the Godly focus or do I insist that my focus is good enough? Just like with my new glasses, it is my choice whether or not to use the better focus. My focus is not perfect without God.

I am enjoying the improved focus my new glasses provide.

Spiritually, I need to choose to see the world with better focus. Praising God for His grace.

How’s your focus?

A quick note — I am finding that this is a big topic. Probably more on ‘focus’ to come…

**Focus Eye Chart image courtesy of Northpoint Media;


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