Fire has always intrigued me.  No, I am not a pyromaniac (well, maybe I am a little but that’s not what this post is about).  What intrigues me is how something so seemingly insignificant (a spark) can become an unstoppable force.  We have all seen and know how unstoppable a large fire can be.  It also intrigues me that when God’s Spirit came to the apostles it is described in Acts chapter 2 as a flame that settled on each of them.  From there, those 12 flames followed God and worked together to became an unstoppable force for God.  As followers of Christ we are living proof that the fire they started is still burning.  How is that possible?  God’s Spirit continues to spark believers and the unstoppable force continues to burn.

a spark…

I am currently taking a class at our local christian college on the use of computers in ministry.  I am really enjoying the class so far.  I find myself actually reading the required material (2 books) and enjoying learning about using technology/media to reach people for Christ.  My vision of what is possible is getting bigger.  I am excited and anxious to see what God is preparing me and my classmates to do.

Fanning the Flame…

Along with the books for the class, this week I took some time to catch up on some of the blogs that I follow.  One of the blogs I follow is written by Perry Noble.  This week he had composed a letter to God.  In the letter he pointed out the fact that we (the church) encourage missionaries in foreign countries to learn, understand, and leverage the culture to introduce people to Christ, but then turn around and criticize those who use the same approach here in the USA.  I found the blog encouraging in light of the class I am taking.  Why is it that we tend to criticize the use of the non-traditional?  Like missionaries in a foreign country, I  believe that we have to learn to ‘speak the language’ of our culture if we are going to communicate the Gospel to people.  A big part of ‘the language’ in our culture today is tied to technology and computers…email, social media, internet, etc.


Aggie Bonfire 1988

The biggest fire I have ever witnessed first hand is the Texas Aggie Bonfire (WHOOOP! – sorry, as an Aggie that just jumps out of me).  Once it is lit it burns for days and then smolders for weeks.  The only reason it stops burning is because it is denied any spark that would keep it burning.  The fire that was started by the 12 in Acts chapter 2 continues to burn because God’s Spirit continues to spark believers into action.  I am praying that my classmates and I can be a spark here in western Nebraska.  That we will start a fire that attracts people to Christ.  A fire that brings people into community.  I am praying that God will enable us to dream big dreams and then work together for God to keep the unstoppable force burning.

What are your thoughts on the use of media and computers to reach others for Christ?  Let me hear from you!!  Looking forward to learning not only from my class, but also from you and your experiences.  Thanks!


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  1. Harry Warren says:

    Fire produces smoke. God cherishes the sweet aroma of the spiritual fires that are burning within the believers.

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