folly and foolishness

“If you don’t know the bread of life, you’re toast.”


We have been given instruction to tell the world the good news of Christ and this is what we end up sharing?

This quote was on a church marquee near my home this week (no, the image at right is not the actual sign…I created this one online).  As I drove past it this week I was reminded of my dislike of cheap sentimentality and catchy slogans when it comes to sharing the truth.  In addition to this daily occurrence, Thursday morning I was driving around town and listening to AirOne when another example crossed my path.  The radio personality was talking to an author who had written a book about self control relating to our eating habits and how it all relates to our faith.  I was interested.  As most of you who know me already know, food and fitness relating to faith is a topic I am relatively passionate about.  The author was talking about how we tend to use food for things like comfort, stress relief, and celebration instead of turning to God in those moments.  As I said, I was interested in hearing what this author had to say.  I don’t remember exactly what the next question from the radio dj was, but the author’s response caused me to completely lose interest.  The question was something like, ‘How can turning to Jesus really help us with these out of control eating habits?’.  As the author began her answer she said something like, ‘Well, we all know that the first part of the word Messiah is ‘mess’ and so Jesus is there to help us with our mess.’


I can’t tell you what the author said after that…I turned off my ears.  Let me be clear about this – I do believe that God has sent us his Spirit to help us.  I believe that God does call us to share the gospel and that exhibiting a level of self control in our lives that is unusual in our culture gives us more opportunity to share.  I do believe that controlling our selves with regard to food and lifestyle is a vital part of our witness for Christ.  This author that I was listening to on the radio had been talking along these lines and then WHAM…cheap sentimentality/catchy slogans.  Rather than turning to the Truth from God the author attempted to generate an emotional response to get her point across.  In the process she lost my interest.  I turned off the radio and proceeded into one of my usual coffeehouses to get a cup.

What’s the point?

If we are going to communicate truth then we need to turn to the source of that truth for inspiration.


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