Thanks to Perry Noble for putting this into words!!

Yes, I am reblogging for my first post of 2011.  I have started blogs on this topic too many times to count in the last 6 months and then deleted them because I could not find the right words.  Perry Noble posted these blogs this week and he was able to find the words.  I hope you will read these and give it some thought.  I look forward to the potential discussion.

Here is the link to Part One:

Here is the link to Part Two:

– Jon


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  1. Amber A says:

    Thanks Jon for the post and the links. This is something we have been thinking about in our family for awhile too. For me, discipline is definitely something I struggle with as well as confidence in myself that I can do something. I think that is where I am going wrong – I dont have to do it by myself, I can rely on God!! That is soo exciting!
    Whether its exercising and getting healthy or reading my bible daily or just being a better mom, wife and friend, I am excited to lean on God and see what is in store for me!! Thanks again for the post!

  2. Jennifer says:

    “This issue IS NOT BIGGER THAN CHRIST IN YOU…in Him you have the discipline, the potential and the victory just waiting on you to LIVE IN IT!”
    I need to hear this for many areas of my life where I struggle with discipline. In Him…that’s all I need. Not the latest app or gadget to keep me on track, not that those things can’t be helpful, but if I’m relying on them instead of Him I’ll fail. (I posted my discipline comment to you on facebook before I read your post here. It didn’t take God very long to show me the answer.)

    1. Jon Arnold says:

      I needed to hear this as well. Thanks for checking in and for the comment! Isn’t God Awesome!

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