The forgotten fruit??


What do my daily choices reveal about me?

I can only speak for myself, but I don’t give a lot of thought to many of the choices I make during my day.  If I am a follower of Christ and am being led by the Spirit shouldn’t my choices reflect this fact?  I have to make a confession…mine often don’t.  Why is that?

Earlier this week a friend of mine posted the following on fb:

Live by the Spirit, feed the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, and keep in step with the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit will be produced in you. (see Gal 5:16-26)

Can you name the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5?  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and … you remember the last one in the list?  Ahhh, the forgotten fruit…Self-Control.

Why don’t my choices better reflect who I am following…maybe it is a lack of self-control.

I have heard countless lessons/sermons on Galatians 5.  I am sure self-control was mentioned, but in my memory the other fruits seem to always get the most attention.  Maybe I just ignored what was discussed about self-control or maybe the teacher just ran out of time and glossed over the last couple of fruits in the list.  Whatever the case, self-control seems to be something that is in short supply for me and our culture.  My choices reveal that my time, my comfort, my desires, and my ‘fill in the blank here’ often take priority over everything else (the word to notice here is ‘my’).  As a result, my witness for Christ takes a big hit.  I become camouflaged and blend in with the majority of our culture.

Yes, I said it…our culture is lacking self-control.  From our busy schedules that put blinders on our eyes to our ever increasing portions on our dinner plates, self-control is clearly not common.  What does it say about us that we don’t exhibit a greater level of self-control?  As followers of Christ shouldn’t we be demonstrating a level of self control in our daily lives that is uncommon in our culture?  Then, when asked how we are able to live this way, rather than claim the fruit as the result of our own labors we can point to the one who produces fruit in us.


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  1. Shane Coop says:

    Definitely a weakness in my walk. Thanks for the reminder and thoughts.

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